AUGET Scented Candles

AUGET is a new French brand of scented candles launched in 2019.

Our first range of scented candles consists of 4 products: both scented candle and decorative object.

Our candles are made from fragrances from Grasse, a natural wax (a mixture of mineral and vegetable waxes) for optimal diffusion of the perfume and a 100% cotton wick woven without chlorine or lead… and a little extra: a cover to keep them away from dust!

AUGET scented candles are 100% made in France : designed in Paris & made in Grasse.

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La ROMANTIQUE - Bougie parfumée - PACKSHOT - Fragrance Thé Bois


Fragrance: Wood Tea

Its delicate & intoxicating Wood Tea fragrance is an alliance of tea, white flower and sandalwood notes that will unveil your passion.

Our scented candle La Romantique is designed to reflect your image: dreamy & sensitive, it approaches life intensely with a touch of idealism…


Fragrance: Leather

Its Leather fragrance, subtle & delicate, is an alliance of spice, wood and tobacco notes that will transport you into the creative world.

Our scented candle the Artist wants to be like you: independent, creative & bohemian, it charms you with its overflowing spirituality…

L'ARTISTE - Bougie parfumée - PACKSHOOT - Fragrance Cuir
L'AVENTURIERE - Bougie parfumée - ETUI - Fragrance Cèdre


Fragrance: Cedar

Its Cedar fragrance, woody & heady, is an alliance of notes of violet, lavender and vetiver that will bring out your adventurous side.

Our scented candle l’Aventurière is meant to reflect your image: conquering, daring & self-confident, it travels according to your desires, without fear of the unknown…


Fragrance : Floral Amber

Its subtle & bewitching Floral Amber fragrance is an alliance of notes of bergamot, patchouli and vanilla that will sublimate your hidden side.

Our scented candle La Mystérieuse is designed to reflect your image: fascinating & secret, it arouses curiosity and imagination…

La MYSTERIEUSE - Bougie parfumée - PACKSHOT - Fragrance Ambre Floral

AUGET in a few words...

AUGET - Scented Candles


We didn’t want to launch yet another brand of scented candle… I mean, yes… Let’s be honest. But we wanted to bring something different by transforming an everyday object into a unique product that looks like you, that speaks to you, that makes you think of other people… In short, an object that gives you emotions!

That’s how the AUGET concept was born. To combine a personality with a fragrance. Each person is of course unique, but everyone can identify with a personality trait. So our job was to associate the right fragrance with the personality trait as well as a dominant colour.

Created by a couple who wanted to unite around a project: a former assistant perfumer, for whom mixing fragrances has always been a passion, and a digital entrepreneur. Our two worlds came together in the same project: the scented candle!

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Scented candles are the first type of product from AUGET. With delicate & subtle fragrances, our scented candles will delight your senses and make you travel without leaving your home (even for an adventuress!). Coloured & unique candles to dress up any interior decoration with a touch of sophistication and glamour. Let yourself be seduced with AUGET!

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