Candles and decoration: how to illuminate your interior?

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In summer and winter, decorative candles create a poetic, warm and cosy atmosphere in the decoration. Minimalist, warming dishes, candle holders, candelabra,… Candles are essential for a romantic candlelit dinner, to decorate the corner of a buffet or to illuminate the garden during summer evenings. With its play of light and shadow, the timeless candle reinvents its shapes and materials for an ultra trendy interior design. If you are wondering how to light up your home, decorative candles are undoubtedly precious allies in perfecting your decoration. How to choose candles according to your interior design? What are the must-have new decorations for the season? We tell you everything!

Candles: the trends of the season

A major innovation of the season: ceramics invites itself into the warm universe of the candle. Coloured, fluorescent or white, the ceramic candle plays on several tables. First of all, the shape, with asymmetrical candleholders that are carefully balanced and intriguing, surprising and surprising. Not to mention the material alloys: when the candle is combined with brass and marble, the quintessence of the current trend is reached.

The tea light is back on the market. Enhanced by different containers and materials, the tea light plays with the hot/cold atmosphere in a cement photophore, the graphic design in a black metal saucer or the map of nature, associated with cork and the plant sphere, especially with the cactus that is very popular this season.

Colour & material combinations: guaranteed decorative effect

In terms of materials, minimalism is in the spotlight in the world of candles for decoration. A great simplicity of lines, a return to the roots, raw materials,… This is the ideal scenario for the poetic candles to reveal all their potential to create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Slow life and natural tendency oblige, the wood invites itself in the candle holders. Made in France or salvaged, exotic or floated, wood is combined with the candle to enhance its warm effect. The candleholders are also adorned with a delicate tie and dye or play with the mix of decorative styles in matching tea cups.

At AUGET, we love life and this is naturally reflected in the colours of our scented candles. We wanted candles that were as visually pleasing as they were olfactory. Our little pleasure: a fireplace fire, a bright dark living room and the flame of our romantic who fascinates and illuminates your home.

Illuminate your interior: play on the accumulation

What is the secret to creating a warm, cosy and intimate atmosphere? Accumulate candles. In small groups, place your candles in different places in your home. Draw attention to an area of your decoration, highlight your fireplace, focus your guests’ attention on your beautiful centrepiece,… In short, use candles as brilliant decorative accessories to structure your space. Choose classic white candles as well as coloured candles. However, vary the sizes and quantities of candles to give rhythm to your lighting compositions.

In short, the candle is the essential final touch of a successful decoration. Mix shapes, styles and materials. Like decorative objects, candles and their candle holders elegantly highlight your furniture and decoration. To illuminate your interior, maximize the flickering of candles by playing on transparency, shadows and lights. You will have understood: this season again, the candle shows itself all fire and flame.

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