Cedar: a magnetic and bewitching woody perfume

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The Cedar adventure takes root in faraway and exotic lands. This tree, now common in Europe, is native to North Africa, the Middle East and the Himalayas. The deciduous has travelled to us to embellish our gardens and forests.

Nestled in the shade of its branches, you have certainly already been able to smell the heady scent of this noble wood. The greatest noses and the most beautiful perfume houses have been able to transform the powerful notes of cedar into refined and sensual perfumes. As in an olfactory tale, we will take you on a journey to discover the secrets of cedar.

From the majestic tree to the elegant fragrance

Cedar is a tree known for its strength, longevity and beauty. In essential oil, cedar is known to have healing properties. But it is in perfumery that the cedar has earned its letters of nobility.

Cedar essence offers vibrant and powerful woody notes. Just like the tree from which it comes from, cedar essence is frequently found as a base note in fragrance compositions. Like a tutor, the power of the cedar note allows it to carry and support the other notes of a fragrance composition (also called the olfactory pyramid). With elegance and subtlety, the cedar notes will ennoble the perfume and give it body. This is in particular why it is very frequently found in the compositions of eaux de toilette for men and in the feminine perfumes. From Serge Lutens’ Femininity to Terre d’Hermès, cedar is the star of the woody notes of the great perfume houses.

A woody note rich in symbolism

The cedar fragrance has left its mark in history. As early as antiquity, traces of the use of cedar essence in sacred ceremonies can be found. Soon, cedar was also extracted for cosmetic purposes. Today it remains a symbol of power, wisdom and refinement. In Lebanon, the sacred tree continues to adorn the national flag. In Japan, it is found in many artistic and ornamental creations of traditional houses. Everywhere, the cedar fascinates with its beauty and magnetic wake.

To extract the cedar essence from the wood of the tree, it is extracted by steam distillation. This gentle distillation keeps all the olfactory quality and richness of cedar. Nevertheless, perfumers have also worked to isolate certain olfactory molecules from the cedar to play with its multiple facets and to create the most beautiful scented accords.

The most beautiful marriages with Cedar notes

Without cedar, many fragrances would simply not exist! The woody notes of the cedar allow to give flight and nobility to the other essences of the perfumed compositions. This is why it is often associated with patchouli, citrus, sandalwood or vetiver notes. Cedarwood notes marry marvelously with these notes to give more character and subtlety to a perfume.

Its unisex character is particularly appreciated by both men and women. This is why, the cedar is a note which one finds in compositions of scented candles of quality. Let yourself be intoxicated by the softness and the power of the scent of a cedar scented candle. At Auget, it is in our candle l’Aventurière that you will find all the beauty of the cedar notes associated with intoxicating notes of vetiver, lavender and violet. An exotic alliance that will allow you to escape to a wonderfully fragrant world.

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