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An intimate place par excellence, your bedroom is the place where you can abandon yourself in your partner’s arms. Its decoration and atmosphere are of the utmost importance. How to create a bubble of sensuality and cocooning in the heart of your home? We give you some tips for a romantic and warm room.

Adopt a soft room decoration

To help you feel good, opt for a decoration with soft tones. Shades of blue, powdered pink, ivory and wood will evoke calm and calmness. A charming decoration for your bedroom that will make you want to never leave it again… Why not pick up a few ideas from the Scandinavian style of decoration?

Emphasize the cozy side of your room by playing with the materials. Cotton bedspreads, silks, percale ornaments and fluffy carpets are all details that will add to the charm of the room. A stimulation of the senses that will boost your romantic desires.

Dim the lights

For an intimate room, don’t underestimate the importance of light. Nothing worse than white or aggressive lighting. For a sensual atmosphere, prefer subdued lighting. Salt lamps, light garlands and adapted bulbs are the best allies of a beautiful luminosity.

The ultimate in sexy: light it up at night with a few candles. The flickering flame will give you passionate impulses.

Bet on the sensuality of perfume

Materials to awaken the sense of touch, soft light for that of sight… All you have to do is stimulate your sense of smell! To evoke romanticism through olfaction two solutions: bouquets of flowers and scented candles. The first are beautiful but ephemeral. On the other hand, candles offer a long life span. The scented candle is the ally of choice for evenings between lovers.

The ideal choice: the romantic AUGET candle. A true bouquet of emotion and passion evoked by hedione and its almond notes, the freshness of white flowers and the warmth of sandalwood. An invitation to a moment of multi-sensory pleasure.

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