Grasse : World capital of perfume

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Cradle of the most beautiful perfumed creations, the Pays de Grasse has lived to the rhythm of the history of perfumery. The flowers of its fields have awakened the creativity of noses all over the world. At the bend of its lanes, one rediscovers the fragrances of olfactory plants and noble essences which made the success of the monuments of the perfume.

How did this beautiful city in the south of France become the world capital of perfume? Why are the most beautiful houses still today tearing off its raw materials at a golden price? We propose you a stroll in the sandstone flower gardens of the Mediterranean to discover the secrets of Grasse.

The perfume of Grasse: French cultural heritage and history

The history of the small medieval French town began with the tannery before becoming the capital of perfumery. From the 12th century, the local craftsmanship is renowned for the work of leather and skins. A thriving economy which is unfortunately accompanied … by a persistent bad smell. It is this unpleasantness which will lead the concerned craftsmen to look into the culture of essences and flowers.

The latter allowing to perfume the finished products: gloves, bags and dots with floral extracts with an embalming scent. A process that was a rapid success and allowed the development of crops for perfumery in the Grasse region.

A know-how and an unequalled quality

On the hills and fields around the city of Grasse stretch the plantations of noble flowers. The centifolia rose, also known as the May rose, jasmine, violet and iris are the stars of the perfume house cultures. Plantations protected by growers devoted to the quality of the extrats and fervent protectors of traditions.

Alchemists, producers and raw material extraction companies, the region attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. A circle of experts who devoutly guard the secrets of the precious juices. A know-how so well guarded that it is listed since 2018 as cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Noble materials and luxurious extracts worthy of luxury houses

Because of its climate and its unique link with the perfume industry, Grasse is the privileged place for luxury houses to set up their workshops. From these stills come out flower absolutes of unequalled quality. Perfumers come here to source their future olfactory creations. Perfume concentrates that can be bought for a few thousand euros per kilo.

Luxury raw materials that we are pleased to include in the fragrances of our candles. Each of our perfumes is elaborated in Grasse and then put in wax by our artisan wax maker. We have at heart to offer you the most beautiful essences Made in France. A pleasure to renew each time you light the wick of one of our candles!

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