How do you recognize a quality scented candle?

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The number of brands of scented candles is impressive! But how can we find our way in a market where the offer is always greater and more diversified? Several criteria make it possible to recognize a quality scented candle. They concern the raw materials used to make it. Follow our tips to help you make the right choice!

A quality wax for your candle

The choice of wax appears to be an important criterion. It makes up almost the entire spark plug and will determine its burning time. Today, there are three different types of waxes on the market. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Animal wax

Nowadays, animal wax is mainly composed of beeswax. This is more expensive than other waxes, but has the advantage of providing good lighting without producing smoke. It was exclusively used by clergy and nobility in the Middle Ages, consult the history of the candle to learn more. It also releases a slight smell of honey when it is burned, which can be a disadvantage for a scented candle.

Vegetable wax

This type of wax can be made from several different plants. Soya, rapeseed or palm remain the most commonly used. These vegetable waxes are generally not very refined. From an ecological point of view it seems interesting but the drifts of intensive agriculture lead to deforestation (especially in the Amazon). Its low melting point allows slower combustion and therefore a longer life of your spark plug.

Mineral wax

It is also called paraffin. It is extracted from hydrocarbons by the oil industry. The quality and number of filters used to increase the purity of the mineral wax ensure optimal safety during its use. It also has the advantage of being very stable over time. It restores the delicate fragrances of the perfume well during its combustion. In addition, its very smooth appearance adds a decorative asset when using this wax.

At AUGET, we have chosen to mix mineral and vegetable wax to obtain a very stable wax that allows optimal diffusion of fragrances and controlled combustion.

A wick made of natural fibres

The quality of the materials used for the wick remains crucial. Synthetic wicks are found in low-end candles. They can even have chemical treatments on it. Instead, use cotton wicks for durability. You will also avoid possible toxic fumes thanks to natural fibres.

AUGET scented candles have a 100% lead-free and chlorine-free cotton wick so that the air in your home is not contaminated with harmful substances.

Delicate and permanent fragrances

If your scented candle remains of high quality, you must smell the fragrances as well when cold as when burning. In addition, the scents must be dispersed in the air throughout the life of the candle and not only during the first few hours. The use of essential oils or quality perfumes will ensure a splendid alchemy of well-being in your home.

The fragrance is of course the key to a scented candle. At AUGET, we work with perfumers using fragrances from Grasse, the cradle of the internationally renowned perfume, in order to guarantee the most beautiful scented notes in our candles.

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