How to choose the olfactory signature of your interior?

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Have you ever felt that instant sense of well-being when you walked in the door of your home? From the very first breath, you “feel” at home again. Happy as Ulysses would say the famous quote. Instinctively, you find the familiar scents that make you feel soothed. That’s why it’s important to choose the right fragrance for your home.

To choose it well, it is first necessary to understand the structure of the perfume with the help of the olfactory pyramid. To evaluate a perfume, it is especially necessary to take into account your desires and your personality. We guide you to find the scented candle that suits you.

A unique olfactory signature to mark memories

Do you know the power of olfactory memory? There is a very powerful link between our sense of smell and our memories. Perfumes and fragrances stimulate the emotional part of our brain. This is why we can have “flashbacks” by smelling certain evocative smells. To create a unique atmosphere in your home, scented candles can create an olfactory universe for your room. By choosing a quality candle, whose perfume has been elaborated by the most beautiful French workshops, you offer yourself the luxury of making your home unforgettable. All that remains is to find the right scent.

Which candle is made for you?

At Auget, we have in heart to propose you unique perfumes and of characters to match all your desires. To find out which candle is made for your home, simply answer these two questions:
1) Do you want a rather powerful and warm scent or a soft and fresh one?

2) For your home, do you prefer an olfactory universe that invites you to travel or rather a tender and soothing atmosphere?

La ROMANTIQUE - Bougie parfumée - PACKSHOT - Fragrance Thé Bois

A sweet invitation to dream: La Romantique

Sensitive, you like delicate and caressing smells. You want to feel at home as if you were in a cocoon. The Romantic candle has a singular fragrance combining the softness of white flowers and white tea with the calming power of hedione, musk and sandalwood. Treat yourself to a bouquet of emotions.

Discover our La Romantique candle

La MYSTERIEUSE - Bougie parfumée - PACKSHOT - Fragrance Ambre Floral

Fresh and enigmatic: The Mysterious

Familiar and gentle at the same time, no one seems to be able to pierce your secrets. A magnetic and bewitching soul that expresses itself in a unique fragrance. The Mysterious Candle bewitches you with a fresh flight of citrus fruits that gives way to the richness of a composition with notes of patchouli, rose, peach, ylang ylang and orange blossom. A base of amber and gourmet vanilla will transport you into a poetic and dreamlike universe.

Discover our candle La Mystérieuse

L'AVENTURIERE - Bougie parfumée - ETUI - Fragrance Cèdre A generous explorer: L’Aventurière

Strong and assertive, you love travel and discovery. At the crossroads of spices, woods and noble essences, your living room becomes a cabinet of olfactory curiosities. The scent of the Aventurière candle is at once powerful, bewitching, with a hint of melancholy evoked by violet, which responds to notes of patchouli, cedar and vetiver. The perfume of the daring ones!

Discover our candle L’Aventurière

L'ARTISTE - Bougie parfumée - PACKSHOOT - Fragrance Cuir The Creative Power: The Artist

You love the arts, the universe of Parisian boudoirs and the fragrances of the salons of great writers. You are both bohemian and eager for freedom. The Artist candle stimulates your imagination thanks to its accords of bergamot, brandy, cedar, white tobacco and patchouli. Your dinners will take on the air of literary cafés.

Discover our Artist candle

Now you know which candle is right for you! An olfactory signature for an unforgettable interior that suits you. The world of scents is so personal and mystical. Like all women, you have a complex and changing personality. Nothing can completely define you. So try the different fragrances, smell and change your mind! For each season, each room and each mood, a candle will satisfy you.

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