How to create a comfortable home during lockdown?

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Lockdown and well-being seem, by definition, opposed. To fight the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there is only one solution: stay at home. A frightening idea for many, but it is an opportunity to reclaim the space in our apartments and houses.

How can we combat the anxiety-provoking atmosphere of these troubled times? Why not take the opportunity to take care of yourself and reorganize your interior. We give you some precious tips to recreate at home an atmosphere of serenity during the lockdown.

Create a quiet workspace for yourself

Lockdown often means remote work. In order to live well in isolation and be productive from a distance, it is important to create a space dedicated to your activity. Calm and well-organized, your office should simplify your daily life. Start by tidying up your office.

It’s a great way to clear away the clutter to boost your concentration and productivity. And did you know that smells can help boost your concentration? So go for fresh scents like citrus or floral. Finally, don’t hesitate to set a schedule with a timetable to help you organize your days.

Reorganize your living room

You can’t stand your couch anymore because you’ve been going around in circles in your living room? And why not take advantage of your available time to reclaim the space? By rearranging the furniture differently, you can get a whole new interior design. This will give you new perspectives and the opportunity to decorate your living room according to your desires of the moment.

With the help of small decorative objects, your living room will metamorphose into a bubble of well-being. For a more cosy touch, play with light and scents. To do this, soft lamps, diffusers and scented candles will bring you comfort in your daily life. As a morning ritual, light the candle with the scent of your choice and let its fragrance envelop you in a sphere of pleasure.

Take the opportunity to create your own spa at home

Since when have you had time to take care of yourself? Isolation is an opportunity to do you some good. Using natural ingredients such as cider vinegar, noble vegetable oils, essential oils and other beneficial active ingredients, make your own masks and cosmetic treatments.

All you have to do is transform your bathroom into a mini spa. Light a candle, plunge into your bath and let yourself go to a feeling of relaxation. With a radiant complexion and silky hair, you will come out of it regenerated and soothed.

Ready to create a healthy and rejuvenating ritual? Instead of seeing the lockdown in your home as a prison, you might enjoy a gentle exile away from the aggressions of the outside world.

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