How to create a little cocooning area for the winter?

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Winter is approaching and you are dreaming of your big comfortable armchair in front of the fireplace? So take advantage of the few beautiful days left to create the little cocooning area that seduces you so much.

Choose the ideal location

If you have a fireplace in your living room, it’s really the perfect place. Book the armchair or sofa to create your special spot. The warmth that comes from a fireplace is particularly pleasant and relaxing and you will be perfectly at ease to cocoon quietly, armed with a book or tablet.

Otherwise, a well-heated room is an equally welcoming place. Sit on a bench or in a deep armchair, not far from the radiator. You can also choose a soft pouffe or large cushions placed directly on the floor. Don’t forget the big carpet that warms the ground and if you don’t have enough thick carpet, pile several on top of each other. Arrange them in a hurry, like the cushions, for an even more welcoming and friendly effect.

Add cocooning accessories

Now is the time to take out the big plaids. Mesh, fleece… arrange them scattered on the back of your sofa, ready to welcome you. Anyway, you’re going to wrap yourself in it! Also choose cushions of different sizes, which will add a real depth effect to your chair. As soon as you settle in, you will feel like you are falling into an ocean of cotton wool and heat. Choose the one you prefer to lean against each other and hold your arms and head with the others. Don’t forget the plaids and carpets on the ground, which will give you the impression of walking on a cloud of softness. The animal skin imitation carpet always wins its little effect.

The little decorative touch that does everything

Your little cocooning reading corner is almost ready! All you have to do now is add a few elements to personalize it and feel really good. Think of wood, a very aesthetic and warm material, to dress up your reading area. A small coffee table in raw pine, or a stool on which you can place your cup of hot chocolate… You will also like rattan and its lightness. Choose warm, colourful colours to contrast with the cold and grey of winter. But you may prefer more pastel, soft and soothing tones.

Um, something’s missing, isn’t it?

As you may have guessed, an essential accessory for the atmosphere is missing: a scented candle! This privileged moment between you and yourself. Let’s be honest, all the quality candles will go perfectly well for your cocooning space, but we would do our job badly if we don’t recommend our scented candle L’AVENTURIERE to escape a little or our scented candle La ROMANTIQUE to coocoon in duo!

You are now ready to face winter, its grayness and its wet and cold temperatures! Sit comfortably at the bottom of your cushions and escape into a warm and relaxing bubble of well-being. We’re going back right now!

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