How to give love to your AUGET candles?

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Warning, these instructions for using a candle are only for AUGET scented candles… No, of course we’re joking! With a few exceptions, these tips will also work with all the candles of all our competitors that we love (on the other hand, we are not going to put their names here, so don’t fuck around either! 🙂

First use for the first time

  • Remove the cover that protects your AUGET scented candle! It is said because it happens even at the best…
  • Smell your candle… It also smells very nice even if it doesn’t burn!
  • Turn it on and fully enjoy its subtle fragrance for up to 2 hours! Yes 2 hours because otherwise your candle will burn out much faster than expected. If you respect this, your candle will burn for about 40 hours.

While it burns and sublimates your interior

  • Do not extinguish your AUGET scented candle until the entire upper surface of the wax has melted to avoid causing an uneven burn and thus digging your candle prematurely.
  • Avoid moving your AUGET scented candle until the melted wax has solidified: Besides the risk of burning with hot wax, the wax will also settle on the glass walls and it is simply less pretty.
  • Burn your candle on a flat surface using the supplied cover. Double use: It does not drag and protects your furniture.
  • Avoid blowing on it to extinguish your candle, prefer an extinguisher or dipping the wick in the wax and straightening it up right away to avoid smoke at all (use a tweezer, the tip of a chisel or a knife, for example)

Before turning it on again

  • Remove the cover! Once we can accept but not twice anyway!
  • Before each use, cut the wick of your AUGET scented candle to just under 1 cm (ideally 0.8 cm if you have the compass in your eye). Otherwise it will simply refuse to turn on, it is equipped with an IAP (Perfumed Artificial Intelligence), so be careful!
  • Do not allow your AUGET scented candle to burn with pieces of matches or other materials (dust, dried flowers) that could alter combustion. That’s when you thank us for selling our candles with a lid to avoid nasty deposits! You’re welcome!

As the fire is not without danger, some precautions should be taken

  • For your safety, do not let your AUGET scented candle burn too close to a flammable object, in a draught or unattended.
  • Do not let it burn near children or pets either.

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