Hygge, the Danish way to be happy every day

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You’re probably wondering what the somewhat complicated term “hygge” is. It comes to us from the Nordic countries and more particularly from Denmark. A country where the hygge is a real way of life and which allows to fight against the hardness of the winter which can prove, over there, a little harder than in France…

So let’s embark now on a journey into this universe where comfort is the key word!

What is hygge?

Do you know this feeling of ultimate well-being, where the word cocooning takes on its full meaning? Well, that’s what hygge is. The implementation of small habits that will brighten up your daily life and breathe a wave of comfort into your home.

So how do you bring hygge into your life?

The basic principle of hygge is to take time for yourself, to have fun with your loved ones. It is to know how to be present and to succeed in creating a cozy universe which resembles us.

And we all have at home what it takes to put in place the hygge! Indeed, few purchases are necessary to switch to this lifestyle.

Here are a few examples of small hygge habits:

  • Scented candles with a noble and comforting scent will plunge you into a most peaceful atmosphere.
  • From time to time, allow yourself a moment when you light all your candles and enjoy a soft cake, a pastry or simply your favourite delicacy.
  • Create a decoration of your interior where the heat is at the rendez vous! Add a cozy plaid, soft and silky cushions to your cocooning area, put on your most comfortable woolen socks, and let yourself go to a moment of total relaxation!
  • Play soft music, your favourite radio show or even listen to the sound of the surrounding nature or the crackling fire.
  • Last but not least, create an environment that suits you, a decoration that is your own, in which you feel like you are in a cocoon! Incorporate candles (in numbers!). This will undoubtedly add a soothing and romantic effect that will be most pleasurable.

For hygiene to take its full meaning in your life, it must be introduced on a daily basis.

Take a time for hygiene every day. If you are afraid of not being able to do it, make a list of small hygge actions that you post so that you can see it regularly and establish this hygge routine!

What are the effects on your life?

In France it is in the dull mood of winter, in the sustained rhythm of our lives, that hygge makes sense. It is a question of planning moments of breaks every day. Breaks, out of time and disconnected, which allow us to focus on the essential, to return to our roots and to grant ourselves a moment of deep and privileged well-being.

And this has an impact on your everyday life. Relaxed and relaxed, you are less stressed, less in a hurry and more soothed. You give yourself time and spend precious moments with your loved ones.

Ready to brighten up your everyday life? Find your scented candles and make “hygge” a routine!

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