Our best gift ideas for Christmas 2020

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Funny year, this year 2020! The arrival of Christmas seems to sound the end of many upheavals and the end of a long period of remoteness. Whether as a family or in small groups, the holiday season is the perfect time to help us rediscover the magic of Christmas. The trees, the garlands of light, the smell of a cake in the oven…

What are you going to put under the tree this year? What are you going to offer to your mother, your fiancé, your girlfriend or your sister? If you don’t have any Christmas gift ideas yet, don’t panic! We’ve put together a little list of inspiration and ideas to make wonderful gifts for the holidays.

The classics and the must-haves

The classics offer one big advantage: being a sure thing. Cosmetic products, gift boxes or books are always pleasing!

So we keep in mind that good ideas are sometimes the simplest and most effective. The pleasure of giving and receiving is first and foremost a matter of intention. Take the opportunity to make a nod to a common memory, a passion or a dream that the person has communicated to you.

The little extra? By buying from small French brands, craftsmen or small shopkeepers, you will make a nice gesture to support them during these difficult months. In particular, we recommend the Petits Commerces website, a platform that brings together many small stores.

“Green” gifts

Is it possible to have an enchanting and eco-responsible Christmas? Yes, thanks to Upcycling and DIY, it is possible to find magnificent gifts that are good for the planet. What could be better?

Septembres is the responsible and committed nugget, a real favorite of the Auget house. This beautiful French brand has become a master in the art of transforming old glass bottles and containers into magnificent vases, lamps and decorative candles. An artistic, unique and environmentally friendly gift. There, for sure, you will make happy people!

The sweet pleasures

We don’t forget the gourmands and epicureans. Aromas as well as smells are such important sensations! And yet in everyday life, we don’t always pay attention to them. So, for Christmas, invite your loved ones to rediscover the pleasures of life with a good bottle of wine, sweets or perfumes.

Of course, our scented candles will brighten up your holidays and bring a beautiful smile to your loved ones’ faces. By offering one of our Made in France scented candles, you are not only offering a quality candle and an intoxicating scent, but it is a beautiful declaration of love. You love the festive and “free spirit” side of your sister, tell her by offering her the candle L’Artiste. Is it rather her sweetness and her bohemian heart? Then La Romantique will be the best gift for her. For each person, a perfume will correspond to her.

Other original gift ideas

Finally, for the small attentions and small pleasures, think about personalized clothing and other accessories. We invite you to discover the brand Sorry not Sorry. It decorates our feet in harmony with our greatest passions. Small personalized messages can be seen on the heel of their pretty socks. A message to pass on? A touch of humor in mind? We warmly recommend that you visit their site to create a pair of socks to offer for the holidays.

The Auget team wishes you and your loved ones happy holidays. Because if this year has taught us anything, it’s that they are the ones who matter the most.

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