Our tips to extend the life of your candles

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The saying goes that when you love you don’t count. And yet, when we like its scented candle Auget, we count the hours of pleasure which it gets for us. Is it possible to lengthen its duration of use? How to use it well to lengthen its longevity? By adopting the right gestures, you can offer yourself a few extra hours of burning. We give you our tips to enjoy your scented candle longer.

The average lifespan of a candle

The burning time of a candle is related to three main factors:

  • Its weight
  • The quality of its wax and wick
  • The environment in which it is placed

For the first one, it’s quite logical: the bigger your candle is, the longer its life will be. Until then, it’s child’s play! For example, our candles weigh about 180g, which corresponds to about 40 hours. But everything fits in the environment!

For the second factor, no worries, we took care of it! Our artisan wax maker made your candle with care and love in France using high quality wax and a 100% cotton wick.

And it is for the last part that we pass the torch to you! The lifespan of your candle will be impacted by the care you take. Don’t panic, we give you all the right reflexes to use your candle.

Adopt the right gestures to save your candle

Let’s start with the easiest: the “don’ts” or common mistakes in candle use:

  • Avoid placing your candle in a draft.

Not only will this prevent you from fully enjoying its fragrant scent, but it will also speed up its combustion. Keep your trough candle away from doors and windows. The ideal? Place it in the center of your living room, on your coffee table. That way, you and your guests will enjoy its chic and delectable scent.

  • Do not let your candle burn for more than 2 hours.

Already because it will give you the opportunity to take a little walk, but above all it will avoid that your candle goes up in smoke.

  • Conversely, avoid lighting it for less than 30 minutes.

Your candle will then risk digging and will not last as long.

  • Avoid leaving impurities on the wax. Worse, it could spoil its fragrance.

Now that you have the keys not to waste the precious minutes of your candle’s life, we give you the secrets of the experts!

  • Cut the wick regularly.

It should be about 0.5/0.8 cm above the level of the wax. When it’s too big, a small scissor stroke and it will be perfect again!

  • Avoid blowing on it to extinguish it.

Prefer to dip the wick or use a snuffer. With the help of this accessory, you can also treat yourself to a very chic ritual!

Last tip: before using your candle, place it for a few minutes in the refrigerator. This way, it will cool down and burn more slowly. Another way to blow out the hot and cold!

By applying these few precautions, you will only have to savour the diffusion of its soft perfume and its light.

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  • After a long day of work, burning a candle can boost my mood.


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