What are the different olfactory families?

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In the world of perfume, there are 7 main olfactory families, all inspired by nature. Originally, they were created to classify and characterize perfumes, but they are also used in the world of scented candles.

Here is a description of the 7 main families.

The citrus family

This family evokes citrus scents such as bergamot or grapefruit for example. Its fragrances are obtained by extracting the peel from these citrus fruits. It is the oldest family used in the design of colognes. These smells are very fresh and light. So much so that they are often associated with another olfactory family to obtain a long-lasting scent.

The floral family

This family includes flower scents, which can be subdivided into two categories: so-called sweet and fresh scents. The petals, stem and root can be used to establish the perfect bouquet. The fragrances that we will find are rose, jasmine, orange blossom, magnolia or mimosa.

Our scented candle La ROMANTIQUE with its fragrance wooden tea has floral family notes.

The Cypre family

This family is a little out of the ordinary! Named after the famous “Chypre” fragrance created by François Coty, the chypre scents generally combine the scents of wood moss and bergamot with floral or fruity notes such as jasmine or patchouli. These perfect combinations result in fragrances with character and very fresh.

The fern family

This family is named after Guy de Maupassant’s favourite perfume, Fougère Royale. Lavender, bergamot and geranium are the base notes of this fragrance. The fern family refers to a harmony made from aromatic and sometimes spicy notes. The scent obtained is both full of vitality and fresh. This family, which gives rise to energetic fragrances, is intended more for men’s products.

The wooded family

These scents are built around a main woody note, such as sandalwood, cedar or patchouli and vetiver. Combined with spicy notes such as cinnamon or black pepper, they grow in size and depth. We obtain elegant and characterful scents rather associated with masculinity and maturity.

Our scented candle L’AVENTURIERE with its cedar fragrance has notes of the woody family.

The amber family

Also known as the Oriental family, it is the warmest and most sensual olfactory family. Its name comes from ambergris, used in perfumery since time immemorial. The scents of this family can mix sweet notes like vanilla with spicier ones like tonka. We obtain a sweet and seductive accord that enchanted the senses and made them travel.

Our scented candle La MYSTERIEUSE with its floral Amber fragrance has notes of the amber family.

The leather family

The leathery scents are built around smoky notes such as tanned leather, burnt birch or tobacco. Later, animal odours such as ambergris or musk were associated with it. These wild fragrances have a great character and a characteristic nose. However, today we can find some leathery fragrances with subtle and velvety notes.

Our scented candle L’ARTISTE with its leather fragrance has notes of the leather family.

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