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L’ARTISTE – Leather

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Our scented candle L’ARTISTE is designed to reflect your image: independent, creative & bohemian, it charms you with its overflowing spirituality…

With its LEATHER fragrance, a combination of spicy, wood and tobacco notes, its subtle & intoxicating fragrance will transport you into the creative world.

A natural wax, combining mineral & vegetable wax, enhances the diffusion of the fragrance. The 100% lead-free and chlorine-free cotton wick, hand-laid, ensures efficient combustion.

Perfume and wax are produced without phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxics (CMR).

Candle 100% made in France: Imagined in Paris & made in Grasse.

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The universe of L’ARTISTE

Its notes of spices, wood and tobacco evoke her determination and exaltation: she dreams, inspires, creates without limits...She frees herself from the rules and shapes a world that resembles her…

Our ARTISTE is independent and bohemian.  She inspires us with her overflowing creativity…

Our ARTISTE has talent and a real voice that she makes heard with passion and enthusiasm. An original and carefree personality where imagination and a thirst for freedom are combined.

Olfactory pyramid of L’ARTISTE

  • Top notes: Bergamot
  • Middle notes: Brandy accord / Clary Sage / Clove
  • Base notes: Cedar / Blond tobacco / Patchouli

Hold on!!! You don’t know what we’re talking about? No problem, we take the time to explain: the traditional structure of a fragrance is called an olfactory pyramid and is divided into 3 groups that correspond to the different scents that a fragrance exhales over time:

  • The top note: the most volatile note you can immediately feel.
  • The heart note: it develops over several hours and is the fragrance’s characteristic scent.
  • The bottom note: it evaporates slowly, sometimes for several days. Its function: to fix the fragrance, to make it last over time.

Tips for use

We advise you to read our advice to give love to your AUGET scented candles in order to enjoy them fully and safely.

Weight 0.455 kg

7.8 × 7.8 × 9.5 cm


455 grams


180 grams of wax


Leather. Fragrance without phthalates and without CMR.


Natural wax: Mixture of vegetable & mineral wax. Phthalate-free and CMR-free wax.


100% lead-free and chlorine-free braided cotton


About 40 hours




Complies with EC requirements n°1272/2008 (and its adaptations) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association)

1 review for L’ARTISTE – Leather

  1. Paula (verified owner)

    I love the packaging of this one, the perfume is good but not enough strong for me, I prefer candles with a stronger smell. So only 4/5 for me 🙂

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