Cheap scented candles

Is it possible to have cheap quality scented candles?

In the world of scented candles, there is everything and anything. Like any product, price goes hand in hand with quality. If you want quality candles that burn evenly, quality scents with quality wax, you’ve come to the right place.

Our fragrances are elaborated by perfumers from Grasse. The city of Grasse is known and recognized worldwide for the olfactory quality of its fragrances. Some of our fragrances are also exclusive to AUGET.

The fragrances used in our candles are subtle and diffuse a pleasant scent without being heady.

The choice and composition of the wax clearly conditions the quality of the candles, the combustion, the diffusion and the persistence of the fragrances.

Vegetable wax does not sufficiently fix the fragrances and allows the fragrances to escape when cold, which is why we use a mixture of mineral and vegetable wax. This choice was made to obtain an optimal combustion and diffusion quality.

The wax and fragrances are produced without phthalates, carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances (CMR).

And of course, all our products are 100% made in France: the cases and labels are printed in Ile de France, the glasses are coloured in Vendée, the fragrances come from the heights of Grasse, just like our artisan wax maker. We ship our candles from a logistic center located in Vesoul.

La Romantique - Wood Tea
La Romantique - Wood Tea
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Artiste - Leather
L'Artiste - Leather
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber

Scented candles have invaded homes with their flame and scent. There are all kinds of them and every room in the house can have its own. Here is some interesting information about cheap scented candles.

Bougies parfumées pas chers

Finding a cheap quality scented candle is a tour de force.

Why go for cheap scented candles?

For the simple reason that in addition to being effective, it is an economical solution. In fact, once the entrance door is closed, the human brain first perceives the degree of brightness and ambient odours. Why is that? Quite simply because these two elements are very often a source of discomfort.

So smell is the first reason to start using scented candles. It is used in particular to mask the smell of cigarettes or the smell of pipes. Also, don’t underestimate the decorative potential of the inexpensive scented candle, which comes in a variety of shapes and styles to create a cosy atmosphere.

Finally, studies have shown that aromatology can have an effect on the unconscious mind. To put it more clearly, it is possible that smells can affect our moods, stimulating or relaxing us.

So why hesitate if they’re also cheap scented candles? You can even give it away if you run out of gift ideas.

Where to get cheap scented candles?

There are many shops where you can buy cheap scented candles. You can choose between online shops and physical shops.

Online, many platforms offer various types of scented candles at fairly competitive prices. The problem is that you will have to wait until you receive it to find out if the scent is right for you.

In contrast to websites, you can either go to a supermarket or hypermarket to make your purchase. Shops such as perfume stores are also an interesting alternative. Don’t forget those specialized in aromatherapy.

Virtual or real, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

To go further, you can consult our files on personalized candles, perfume for candles or how to make homemade candles! The ORGANIC candle is also very trendy.

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