Natural scented candles

Why choose natural scented candles?

Finding a scented candle brand that respects your well-being is not necessarily easy. The quality of a candle’s ingredients is very important for optimal burning and fragrance diffusion.

Vegetable wax does not sufficiently fix the fragrances and lets the fragrances escape when cold, which is why, at AUGET, we use a mixture of mineral and vegetable wax. This choice has been made to obtain optimal combustion and diffusion quality.

Our wax is produced without phthalates, carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances (CMR).

Our fragrances are elaborated by perfumers from Grasse. The city of Grasse is known and recognized worldwide for the olfactory quality of its fragrances. Some of our fragrances are also exclusive to AUGET.

La Romantique - Wood Tea
La Romantique - Wood Tea
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Artiste - Leather
L'Artiste - Leather
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber

Formerly used as a lighting instrument in the home, the function of the candle has evolved considerably over time. Today, there are scented candles in addition to lighting candles. Here is a concise presentation of the natural scented candle.

Presentation of the natural scented candle

Bougies parfumées naturelles

Nothing better than a natural scented candle for the home.

Among the candles available on the market, natural scented candles are the most popular. Above all, it is important to know the basis of the conventional candle. The first candles were made from beeswax.

Today, this method of production has been perfected. It is possible to make candles with various scents using simple and natural techniques. It is possible to find ecological candles if you look carefully. Indeed, its natural scented candles spread a perfume. The pleasant scent in the room comes from the wax that liquefies on contact with the burning wick. For more scent in the room, it is necessary to have a good quantity of liquid wax.

For the novice, you should know that there are two forms of natural scented candles: candles in glasses and moulded candles.

How to make a natural scented candle?

Contrary to rumours, they do not contain toxic substances. They are made with non-polluting elements. To make one, you need to :

  • the vegetable or mineral wax, it allows you to have an excellent combustion of your candle, you can use soy wax, palm wax or rapeseed wax.
  • the wick, to have a candle that lasts a long time, it is important to choose the right wick. You can opt for cotton or hemp wicks.
  • the natural aroma, for the pleasant scent of your candle, several choices of aromas are available to you: natural fragrances or essential oils. Depending on your taste, choose the scent that suits you.

This is what you need to know about natural scented candles.

To go further, you can consult our files on massage candles, birthday candles or jewel candles! The ORGANIC candle is also very trendy!

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