Organic candles

Why the craze for the organic candle?

The ORGANIC has been invading our lives for a few years now in all areas. Our food, our cosmetics, our clothes… Candles are no exception to this rule: many candle brands have launched themselves into the ORGANIC segment. At AUGET, we make natural candles but not yet ORGANIC candles. That doesn’t stop us from making quality products that respect your well-being!

La Romantique - Wood Tea
La Romantique - Wood Tea
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Artiste - Leather
L'Artiste - Leather
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber

Today, more and more sectors are affected by organic products. This is perfectly normal as these products are better for health and the environment. In this article, we will talk about organic candles.

Bougies BIO

Making an ethical and eco-responsible ORGANIC candle is possible!

The ORGANIC candle, what is it?

A candle is made of wax and a wick. One speaks then about natural ORGANIC candles when the elements intervening in their composition are only of natural and vegetable origin. They are also called ecological waxes because they are made from renewable materials. We therefore obtain candles that are less refined, but which are very pleasant to see and smell. In addition, they are completely biodegradable. However, organic candles should not be kept near a heat source.

Where do organic scented candles come from?

Organic, ethical and eco-responsible natural scented candles generally come from two different compositions:

  • Essential oils and natural plant extracts
  • Chemical-based perfumes.

These candles are intended to diffuse pleasant scents. They are highly appreciated by many consumers.

The different types of ORGANIC candle waxes

There are various formulas for making natural waxes. Despite these manufacturing differences, waxes are still based on natural and biodegradable compounds. Indeed, there are among others :

  • Rapeseed wax which, thanks to its stabilizer, makes it easier to work the wax. You can then add perfume to it.
  • Rice wax
  • Soy wax
  • Mimosa floral wax
  • Chamomile floral wax
  • Jasmine floral wax

In addition, to make the ORGANIC candle, three elements must be used: the general wax, the wick and the vegetable oils.

From now on, opt for ORGANIC candles. Because they are ecological, you are contributing to the protection of the environment by using them. You can make your own candle at home too !

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