VEGAN candles

Why the vegan candle craze?

The veganism is more and more appreciated by the public. Although it can be extremely striking to some people, being vegan is above all a way of life.

Candles are no exception to this rule: many candle brands have entered the vegan segment. At AUGET, we make natural candles but not yet vegan candles. But that doesn’t stop us from making quality products that are kind to your well-being!

La Romantique - Wood Tea
La Romantique - Wood Tea
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Aventurière - Cedar
L'Artiste - Leather
L'Artiste - Leather
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber
La Mystérieuse -Floral Amber

Actions to correct environmental damage are remarkable today in all sectors of activity. It is within this framework that the use of organic and natural products such as vegan candles is being used. These are harmless to health and the environment and do not harm animal life. If you have any questions about vegan candles, this article aims to give you precise explanations.

Bougie vegan

The vegan candle for an eco-responsible candle

What’s a vegan candle?

Let’s start by telling you that the traditional candle is different from the vegan candle. The former is a wax and stearin candle used mainly for lighting. Wax is made from a mixture of animal, vegetable and mineral compounds. The wax of the second (vegan candle) is composed solely of non-animal elements.

What types of vegan candles are there?

There are several types of vegan candles. Indeed, waxes can be obtained with several natural vegetal elements. It is therefore based on the natural vegetal element used to make the vegan candle that it is classified.

  • Floral waxes

As floral wax, we have: jasmine floral wax, chamomile floral wax and mimosa floral wax. They can be mixed with other non-animal scented natural elements to produce scented organic candles.

  • Other waxes

We have rapeseed wax, soy wax and rice wax. Rapeseed wax is also used to make scented candles.

How is a vegan candle made?

Three elements are essential for the manufacture of an organic candle. These are vegetable wax, a cotton wick and vegetable oil. For a better look, you can also use a dye and vegetable fragrances. Then you have to follow these steps:

  • Melt the wax in a glass placed in a water bath with vegetable oil.
  • Then remove your green and, if necessary, add colorants.
  • Use a cylindrical mould in which you will put the mixture and the wick.

After these steps, just wait about 3 hours and you will have your organic candle.

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